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Sworn or Certified Translation is an optional service complementing the standard translation service, the purpose of which is to certify that a translated text accurately matches the intended meaning of the original source text, through a review and approval process conducted by an officially certified professional translator who endorses the validity of the translation, thus turning it into a legally binding instrument. This service is mainly used in administrative procedures or legal actions, to back expert opinions or evidences, as an interpretation aid for the parties involved in a legal process, and as an official proof of concordance between the original and the translated version.
The fact that a translation is certified or not does not directly imply any difference in terms of quality; the certification process simply gives the text a legally binding value that a regular translation would not provide. This type of certification is not usually required for the most part of technical documents.
PARÁMETRO may provide this service upon request as a complement to our technical translation services.
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