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Our customers sometimes require personal support from an interpreter to aid them in their communications with foreign language customers, suppliers or colleagues. PARÁMETRO provides this service in two different modes:
Consecutive InterpretingThe interpreter accompanies the customer in every conversation and translates into the other language every sentence pronounced by each party. In each conversation, all parties remain silent while the interpreter is talking. Therefore, the conversation does not flow as smoothly as a normal talk, since short pauses are required every few seconds. The advantage of this process is that it does not require using any special equipment (microphones, booths, earphones, etc.). Also, it is compatible with any activity or place the parties may be involved in while speaking (working, eating, walking, driving...)
Simultaneous InterpretingIn this mode, the interpreter translates the words from each interlocutor as they are uttered, without waiting for the completion of each sentence, effectively overlapping the interpreter's voice to that of the speaker. Therefore, the other party receives the translated information virtually at the same time it is issued by the talker, which renders the conversation much smoother and natural. As a drawback, it involves the use of special equipment (booths, microphones, earphones, etc.), thus it only works in specially-equipped rooms, such as conference halls. Also, in many cases two different interpreters are required, one for each direction of the conversation. Consequently, the simultaneous interpreting service is mainly used in unidirectional communication environments, such as conferences, speeches or addresses, as opposed to bidirectional setups, where the consecutive interpreting service usually suffices.
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