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Writing is Our TradeFor most of our customers, creating the technical documentation associated to their work represents an extra toil that forces them to divert technical and human resources from their core business, thus involving a substantial cost and organizational overhead.
Our mission is to stop technical documentation from being a concern for your company and turn it into a really valuable asset, a competitive resource that helps you succeed in today's challenging and complex environment.
To achieve this, we provide a pluridisciplinary team of translators, terminologists, copywriters, software developers, typewriters, designers and linguists with a strong technical background, enabling us to set up flexible workgroups accurately tailored to the specific requirements and characteristics of each project.
Management of Documentation ProjectsOur project management approach covers all the processes required to generate top-quality documentation under the tightest time constraints. Our service covers every single step of the process, from analysis of requirements to collection of information, structuring of contents, technical copywriting, translation when required, generation of supporting visuals, typesetting and printing or electronic publishing.
The depth of our involvement in each documentation project may go as far as the customer may require, from simply proofreading or polishing texts developed in-house by the customer or outsourced to third parties, to the global management of the whole documentation creation process.
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