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Requests for Tenders (RFT) or Requests for Proposals (RFP) are commercial bidding processes where an existing or potential customer sets out a usually lenghty set of specifications meant to be replied to by the interested bidding companies, often within a very short time frame.
We Are Used to Working Against the ClockDue to their length and complexity and the limited time available to prepare the responses, bidding and tender projects stretch the internal resources of a company to the limit, as they force them to work under strain. In most cases, a tender process means preparing responses to a long list of questions and enquiries from the client in an extremely short period, and generating myriads of pages of documentation compiled or produced by many different parties both from inside and outside the organization.
Choose Our ReachPARÁMETRO has the experience and resources needed to help our customers in every aspect of the documentation associated to their bidding and tender processes. Our level of involvement may vary according to our customer's needs, from simply translating the schedules of conditions and back-translating their responses to coordinating the whole bidding process, or even writing final-quality responses based on unstructured information contributed by the internal specialists from the customer's organization.
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