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From the establishment of the company in 2001, we have translated tens of thousands of pages of documentation for many different companies in 15 countries. Here is a partial list showing some of our best customers.
Nortel Networks
Traducciones-Nortel_logoWith over 100 years of history and an uninterrupted track record at the forefront of telecommunication technology, Nortel Networks is one of the world's leading telecommunication equipment vendors, and leader in optical communications, next-generation mobile telephony, business communication systems and carrier infrastructure.
Traducciones-SAP_logoSAP is world leader in business management software. Their products are used in thousands of companies worldwide to deal with every aspect of business management. The world's biggest companies trust SAP to run their business at all levels.
Clifford Chance
Traducciones-Clifford-Chance_logoClifford Chance is one of world's leading legal firms. Present in 21 countries, their specialists provide legal advisory services to Spanish and international customers in all areas of law, with special focus on bank and finance, commercial law, litigation, real estate and taxation.
Traducciones-Garrigues_logoGarrigues is nowadays the largest law firm in Western Europe. Founded in 1.941, their 1.500+ professionals provide legal advisory services in every field of law and taxation. They have offices in 24 cities in Spain, Brussels, New York, Lisbon, Shanghai and Casablanca.
CB Richard Ellis
Traducciones-CB-Richard-Ellis_logoCB Richard Ellis is world leader in real estate services for private individuals, businesses, institutions and investors. With 6000+ employees and 146 offices in 39 countries, they manage 333 million square meters of real estate space worldwide.
Land Rover
Traducciones-Land-Rover_logoLand Rover is the car manufacturer with the richest history in the off-road vehicle segment, with millions of cars running in every country in the World. Their latest Range Rover, Discovery, Freelander and Defender models are leaders in their category and showcase the most advanced and environment-friendly technology in the automobile industry.
Traducciones-Jaguar_logoJaguar is one of the leading vendors of luxury sport vehicles. Their XJ, XK, XF and X-Type models are at the forefront of technology in the premium sport cars segment.
Traducciones-Hispasat_logoHISPASAT is Spain's first satellite communication operator, with 6 satellites providing coverage to America, Europe and North Africa from three different orbital positions.
Traducciones-Siemens_logoSiemens Transportation is the division of the German company dedicated to the production of rolling stock for high-speed railways. Siemens trains are currently used in several lines of AVE, the Spanish high-speed railway service.
Traducciones-Pfizer_logoThe American company Pfizer is the world's biggest pharmaceutical company. Founded in 1849, the product portfolio of the company, with a workforce of 86,000+, includes many of the world's best selling drugs.
Traducciones-BusinessObjects_logoBusiness Objects is a pioneer and world leader in business intelligence, a category of business software enabling organizations to take the most out of the information they have about their business, optimize their decision processes and improve business performance. The company was acquired by SAP in 2007.
Wyeth Pharmaceutical
Traducciones-Wyeth_logoWyeth is one of the world's leading producers of pharmaceutical and veterinary products, with a strong research focus on the development of new drugs, vaccines and treatments. The company was purchased in 2009 by Pfizer.
Astellas Pharma
Traducciones-Astellas_logoAstellas Pharma is one of the 20 biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. With a workforce of 14,000+, the company focuses on four big therapeutic areas: transplants, urology, dermatology and treatment of infectious diseases.
Traducciones-Alstom_logoThe French company Alstom is world leader in high-speed trains and high-capacity rolling stock for underground and suburban railways, as well as in hydroelectric, nuclear, gas, coal and wind power generation infrastructures. With more than 80,000 employees in 70 countries, the company posted a turnover of 24,600 million Euros in 2008/2009.
ALBALÁ Ingenieros
Traducciones-Albala-Ingenieros_logoAlbalá Ingenieros is one of the leading providers of equipment for Spanish broadcasters, network operators and TV signal generators, with an excellent reputation in the competitive market of television equipment manufacturers.
Traducciones-Jungo_logoJUNGO is an Israeli company specializing in the development of software platforms and applications for communication gateway devices targeted to businesses and residential users. Their products are embedded in tens of millions of devices from many customer-premises equipment vendors used by ADSL communication services operators worldwide.
Traducciones-Sapec_logoSAPEC is a Spanish company specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of video and audio transmission systems. Founded in 1976 as a company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and installation of the Hilo Musical tubed music service, it has extended its reach over the last few years to the field of professional equipment for digital audio and video broadcasting.
TELIA International Carrier
Traducciones-Telia_logoTELIA International Carrier, a branch of Teliasonera, is a Swedish operator of communication networks for carriers and enterprises, with over 43.000 kilometers of fiber and 100 Points of Presence in the main cities of Europe, North America and Asia.
Cramer Systems
Traducciones-Cramer_logoCramer is a British company specializing in Operation Support Systems (OSS) software for telecommunication network infrastructures. The company was purchased in 2006 by Amdocs.
Nera Networks
Traducciones-Nera-Networks_logoNera Networks is a Norwegian company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing and rollout of wireless radio transmission solutions, with over 700 employees worldwide and offices in 25 countries, as well as a considerable research and development arm.
Traducciones-Amdocs_logoAmdocs is the world's biggest provider of software and services for billing, customer relationship management (CRM) and operation support (OSS) for telecommunication carriers. The company also provides customer care and data center outsourcing services. Based in Chesterfield, Missouri, Amdocs has a workforce of over 17,000 employees worldwide and operations in more than 50 countries.
Grupo BBVA
Traducciones-Grupo-BBVA_logoBBVA is Spain's second biggest bank and one of the 20 largest in the World in terms of capitalization, with a strong presence in Latin America, offices in 40 countries, and a robust balance sheet making it one of the most solid bank institutions in Europe.
Traducciones-Regtsa_logoREGTSA is Salamanca's Autonomous Tax Collection and Management Body, in charge of the management, settlement, inspection and collection of taxes on behalf of City Halls and other Public Bodies.
Freedom Finance
Traducciones-Freedom-Finance_logoFreedom Finance is a company dedicated to the management and execution of loans and mortage products for private individuals. A branch of the British group Freedom Finance Ltd., the company provides services to their clients in Spain since its creation in 2001.
Packager Hipotecario
Traducciones-Packager_logoPackager Hipotecario is the first "broker of brokers" of debt consolidation and financing management products in the Spanish market.
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Traducciones-UPM_logoUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid is one of the most prestigious university institutions in Spain, with long- and short-cycle degrees in architecture and engineering, and over 35,000 students.
Portal Software
Traducciones-Portal-Software_logoPortal Software is one of the world's leading providers of billing management solutions for telecommunication operators. The company was purchased by Oracle in 2006.
Traducciones-Comverse_logoComverse is one of the world's leading suppliers of software and systems for added-value voice, messaging, mobile internet, mobile advertising, convergent billing and customer management, and IP communication services. Their customer portfolio includes more than 500 operators in over 130 countries, providing service to more than 2 billion subscribers.
Angel Trains
Traducciones-Angel-Trains_logoThe British company Angel Trains is one of the biggest suppliers of rolling stock for railway companies. They are owners and lessors of a fleet made up of over 4,100 rolling stock units and 280 locomotives for freight trains and 180 passenger trains in 11 other countries, as well as a substantial portfolio of orders of rolling stock for the next few years.
Traducciones-CAF_logoThe Spanish company CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles) is one of the world's leading companies in the design, manufacturing, maintenance and supply of equipment and components for railway systems. CAF produces rolling stock for high-speed trains, locomotives, diesel and electric regional trains, commuter passenger multiple units, underground trains and trams.
Traducciones-Talgo_logoTalgo is a Spanish supplier of railway material with a long history as a manufacturer of high-performance trains. Their product portfolio spans the whole rolling stock spectrum, from commuter passenger units to regional, intercity, long-haul, high and very high speed trains. Talgo is one of the suppliers of trains for the Spanish AVE high-speed railway service.
Traducciones-Siemens_logoSiemens Transportation is the division of the German company dedicated to the production of rolling stock for high-speed railways. Siemens trains are currently used in several routes of the Spanish AVE high-speed railway lines.
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