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PARÁMETRO is a Spanish company focused on the creation, translation and treatment of specialized technical documentation, serving customers worldwide from their offices in Madrid.
Founded in 2001 by Manuel Baselga López, a professional linguist and engineer with a track record of over 25 years in the Technical Translation and Technical Documentation business in many different domain areas, PARÁMETRO provides language services to customers in more than 15 countries, covering a broad array of highly specialized subject matters. From its inception, PARÁMETRO has successfully accomplished over 1000 documentation projects of many different types, from translations of technical texts to specialized documentation creation projects or multimedia content productions.
(c) 2009 PARÁMETRO TRADUCCIONES S.L. Registered in the Registry of Companies of Madrid, Volume 17648, Book 0, Sheet 34, Section 8, Page M-303805
Business Address: Agustín de Bethencourt 25, 5º18, 28003 MADRID. Phone 91 554 77 83 - Fax 91 761 61 42