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A Well-oiled Machine
A documentation creation project is an intricate and complex process with a sequence of interrelated tasks that must be properly designed and orchestrated. Our services cover every single aspect of a technical documentation project.
Analysis of RequirementsThe first step of any documentation project is to precisely define the need the document is meant to meet (describing a product, explaining procedures, easing repairs, fixing troubles, collecting data, etc)
Target Audience CharacterizationThe type of audience of the document must be determined (technical or novice users, prospects, etc.), along with the environment where the document will be used (during a repair, in a poster, via e-mail, on the web, when the product arrives, when setting it up, etc.), as each environment has different formal requirements.
Collection of InformationOnce the scope of the project is defined, the process of collecting all the information on the product or service follows:
  • Collection of related documents provided by the customer
  • Conversations with specialists from the customer's organization
  • Contact with external specialists
  • Conversations with the target users of the documents
  • Research for supplementary information in bibliographic sources and the Internet
Organization of the Information CompiledBased on the information compiled from different sources, a first conceptual outline is generated, that will be used as a reference throughout the rest of the process
Document Structure DefinitionThe next step is the detailed definition of the document structure, starting with an analysis from a didactic point of view, with the purpose of devising the best approach to smoothly transmit all the information to the reader
ItemizationOnce the structure is defined, a breakdown is created listing the different types of items, or individual work pieces, that will make up the documentation:
  • Descriptions of parts, components and subsystems
  • Descriptions of procedures
  • Ancillary definitions
  • Warnings and security advices
  • Supporting diagrams and pictures
  • Legal texts
  • Text summaries
  • Visual summaries
  • Examples
  • Checklists
  • Tables of contents and indices
  • Glossaries
  • Abstracts
Creation of ItemsNext, a detailed timeline is defined for the execution of the different items, and individual tasks are allocated to the different team members involved in the project
Coordination of the TeamDuring the execution phase, the partial milestones defined for the different items are strictly followed up, so as to ensure that the global deadlines are met
Quality AssuranceWe apply formal quality assurance procedures and criteria specifically designed for each type of item.
Interaction With the CustomerThroughout the whole process, we keep in touch with the customer's specialists, to make sure all their instructions are strictly observed.
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