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Writing Press Releases
Press releases summarize in a short article the key facts of an event or product launch that can be relevant to the market. They are usually distributed to trade journals and magazines via e-mail whenever any relevant event occurs.
The press release writing service includes both the copywriting of original texts for publication in trade press and the selection of the target media. The level of detail of a press release may vary according to the target publication and the significance of the matter.
Automation of Deliveries
We have our own software tools, developed in-house, for the mass distribution of press releases via e-mail and the follow-up of their reading or reception. We can use recipient databases provided by the customer. Our press release distribution services include:
  • Preparing email templates in plain-text format or with a more elaborate visual appearance, in HTML with or without images
  • Developing ancillary web pages for e-mailing campaigns (sign-up and removal forms, pages linked to in the emailed messages, etc.)
  • Merging email templates with recipient data taken from an external database
  • Verifying the proper reception of messages by the recipient.
  • Verifying that the messages were actually read by the recipient.
  • Verifying replies to messages.
  • Identifying and purging incorrect or wrong recipient addresses.
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