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Our vision of documentation quality pursues excellence in four essential planes:
Technical ReliabilityCreating documents that convey all the necessary information about the product or service, with no errors, accurately and using the right terminology.
Didactic QualityTexts should not only deliver information, but knowledge, and do it efficiently. That is why we pay special care on the didactic quality or understandability of every text we write.
Writing Style Accuracy and correctness are paramount in every technical text, but these attributes are not incompatible with elegance and writing clarity. Quite the reverse, elegance and clarity are imperative if the technical text is to meet its intended purpose: communicating complex concepts in a clear, concise and unambiguous manner.
Attention-Grabbing Visual AppearanceThe visual appeal of the documents is also instrumental in transmitting the information. A well-designed format makes reading easier, helps the reader quickly find the most relevant information at a glance, and conveys a touch of quality that strenghtens the corporate image of the company.
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