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Types of Documents

Opening the Eyes to Knowledge
The visual appeal of the documents is also instrumental in transmitting the information. A well-designed format makes the document easier to read and helps the reader to quickly spot the most relevant information, at a glance, thus facilitating knowledge acquisition and easing the learning curve.
When designing technical documentation, we clearly define typographic criteria such as typefaces and font weights, line lengths, headers, paragraph styles, margins, blank spaces, headers and footers, and other visual characteristics. If requested by the customer, we can tailor the document format to their corporate specifications, so as to maintain a consistent and stable brand image. If the customer has not yet defined its own standard format specifications, we may propose them the creation of a style sheet detailing all the visual and typographic attributes to be used in their documents.
As regards the electronic format of the documentation, we can work with any of the software applications and file formats available in the market, or even generate several versions of the documentation in parallel in multiple formats, for instance for hardcopy and web-based publication.
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