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Types of Documents

Effortless Knowledge Transfer
Prior to drafting the text of the documents, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the information from a didactic perspective, so as to arrange it in the most sensible way to make that information easier to understand and assimilate by the reader. This is an iterative process structured in several steps, each including specific procedures and criteria. Specifically:
  • Defining the overall purpose of the document
  • Identifying and prioritizing the target audience
  • Segmenting the available information into conceptually separate blocks
  • Setting up hierarchies across those elements
  • Selecting a short number of levels as the backbone of the information hierarchy
  • Allocating visual and positional attributes to those levels
  • Starting the drafting and preparation of the documents with an increasingly detailed granularity level, starting at the levels that were allocated the highest priority
  • While writing, identifying the issues that are worth to be highlighted or require a supplementary explanation outside the normal text flow (for instance, warnings, security advices or context definitions)
  • Identifying the procedures or concepts requiring supplementary visuals
  • Structuring explanations and instructions in short blocks, avoiding overly lenghty sequences
  • Specifying the verb tenses and forms that are most suitable for each description or explanation
DITAIn every subject matter or application where this approach is suitable, we use the DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architectura) information model to create the documents.
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