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Translation of Web Content
Translating and localizing web contents encompasses different work items:
  • Product description pages
  • Top and side menus and navigation sections
  • Footers and fixed hypertext links to sections present in all pages
  • User and client forums
  • E-bulletins
  • News
  • Advertising sections
  • E-mail templates
  • Data entry forms
  • Translatable sections of source code embedded in pages
  • Legal pages (conditions of use, privacy, corporate data, etc.)
  • Search tools inside the web site
  • Posted documents such as White Papers
Besides terminology and writing aspects, the translation and localization of web sites poses specific requirements that do not appear in other translation projects, such as:
  • Consistency across page titles and the visible text of links pointing to them
  • Technical details affecting the visual appearance of pages, such as CSS styles, typefaces, line wrapping/hard line breaks, international characters, special characters such as non-breaking spaces, etc.
  • Accessibility requirements, such as, for instance, translating "alt" tags of pictures to enable the sight-impaired to identify their content
  • Re-sorting alphabetically arranged lists after their translation, to maintain their intended ordering (for instance, in list boxes)
  • Structural optimization to improve the page ranking in search engines
We have an outstanding team of software engineers with strong web development skills in different languages (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, Perl, Java, and more) and talent to create custom-developed tools for our customers, for instance to link their corporate web site with other internal or external information sources, or to streamline the management and update of their web content.
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