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Fully Resourced
We can provide the human and technical resources needed to successfully accomplish, within extremely tight time frames, massive multi-lingual documentation translation projects in any format.
Human Resources We can provide a pluridisciplinary team including:
  • Technical translators
  • Typewriters and transcribers
  • Developers in Java, Javascript, Flash/ActionScript, PHP, ASP, Perl, C, AJAX and other languages
  • Draftspersons for linear drawing illustrations
  • Professional voice talents for voiceovers
  • Project managers.
Technical ResourcesOur technical infrastructure includes a broad distributed network of workstations and computers fitted with a myriad of software tools for processing of text, graphics and multimedia material. Additionally, we have our own in-house software development resources, enabling us to reliably meet the IT requirements of any project, or even to create specific tools if required to cater to special needs.
Day after day, the power of computing technology pervasively invades new realms of human activity. However, translation is a toil of enormous cognitive complexity for which brainwork remains irreplaceable. Only a human translator is able to consistently and reliably create high-quality texts, while there are tools that may make the translator's life easier or be useful in specific areas. We use the best software tools available for the professional translator, and the expertise of our in-house software development team enables us to create our own tools to cater to the particular needs of specific projects. We know very well how to take the most out of the information technologies' potential to achieve the best possible results in the shortest time frames and at the lowest possible cost. But our best tool still has flesh and bones.
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