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Quality in Detail
To ensure the best possible results in every work, we have internal procedures in place as well as measurable quality criteria in the following aspects:
  • Usage of the agreed terminology
  • Documentation and validation of new terminology
  • Absence of omissions in translations
  • Consistent usage of terminology
  • Clarity of style
  • Plausibility of translations
  • Appropriateness of the tone used in each type of document
  • Correct use of measurement units and calculation of unit conversions
  • Observance of the local criteria and conventions of the target country of the text
  • Observance of the customer's formal rules
  • Application of suggestions and corrections from the customer
  • Translation of pictures and illustrations
  • Page formatting and typesetting aspects
  • Proper usage of uppercase letters and punctuation
  • Updating of indices and tables of contents
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