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Best Practices for Best Results
To efficiently accomplish each translation project taking into account its specific characteristics, we have captured into a series of best practices and internal processes the different procedures and criteria applicable to each specific project type. In particular, we have defined formal processes for the following documentation types:
  • Bids and tenders
  • Software localization
  • Translation of help systems
  • Legal translations
  • Manuals and user guides
  • Marketing texts
  • Pharmaceutical and health-related texts
  • Financial documentation
  • Translation of web content
  • Voiceovers and transcriptions of recorded material
Terminology ManagementAfter many years working with technical documentation, we have accumulated a wealth of internal glossaries and reference material in all our specialization domain areas. We also own hundreds of dictionaries and specialized textbooks in all the technical fields we work with, as well as advanced terminology management software tools, some of them developed in-house.
Project SchedulingOur internal processes are designed to minimize the length of the projects and streamline the coordination of all the specialists involved in each assignment. To achieve that, we strive to avoid unnecessary steps and procedures, so as to focus all our efforts into really productive value-adding tasks.
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