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Technical Marketing Translations
The translation of technical marketing texts is one of the most challenging and delicate translation specialties. In this category of texts, the importance of the writing style and the imagination and linguistic creativity of the translator is paramount. Technical marketing texts often use advertising terms and set phrases that can rarely be translated straight away, but require reinterpretation and reformulation with different words conveying the same idea. The task becomes even more challenging when the text uses ambiguity as an expressive device, as is the case in many advertising and marketing pieces.
Properly translating this type of text requires fully grasping all the nuances of the original documents, that usually deal with complex technical details or mention foreign concepts for which no known translation yet exists. Hence, the translator of technical marketing texts must combine an excellent writing style with a deep background on the subject matter of the document.
This is the only way to turn a text into a powerful sales tool.
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