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Software Localization
Software localization requires, in addition to the clarity and accuracy level indispensable in every technical translation, an extra focus on consistency and a strict observance of the terminology and wording defined by the customer, when available, or a consistent application of the proposed translations wherever they appear.
Software localization projects widely vary in depth, complexity and length. However, they also share some common features. To formalize the work associated to software localization projects and ensure the consistent application of translation criteria by all the members of our team, we have defined specific guidelines and procedures for some of the most usual tasks in this type of works. Specifically:
  • Creation and management of trade glossaries (containing the terms specific to the technical domain of the software product) and functional glossaries (commands, menu items, dialog boxes and captions of the software itself).
  • Verification of length of translated text strings
  • Verification of hotkeys in menus and dialog boxes (avoiding repeated usage of the same hotkey in the same context for different functions; making sure that the same hotkey is used for the same function in different places; and applying standard hotkeys when they exist).
  • Consistency across software features and help system text
  • Error message translation criteria
  • Configuration file translation criteria
  • Identification of non-translatable strings and potential interactions of translated strings with other modules or software elements
  • Identification of potential problems linked to the use of accents and international characters in contexts where they are not supported
  • Conversion to Unicode and use of suitable code pages where appropriate
  • Compilation
  • Management of localization projects with large file counts
  • Translatable pictures
  • Translatable source code
Our translators are also expert developers with broad experience in software localization projects. In addition, they are backed by an in-house software development team, proficient in multiple programming languages and equipped with an extensive array of specific software tools to support the translation and localization work.
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