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Power Generation Industry
We can provide specialized technical documentation services in the following areas of this industry:
Petrochemistry We are fully familiar with all the terminology associated to oil prospecting and drilling, production, refining and distribution of hydrocarbons
Power distribution marketWe work with practicing specialists in the energy industry who are familiar with buy-sale operations of energy resources for industrial applications and power distribution, and know all the terms and concepts used in this business.
Renewable energyTo meet the needs of our customers, we keep current with the latest advancements in photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal and biofuel power generation and other renewable energy technologies, through specialized trade magazines and direct contacts with companies in this industry.
Conventional generation plantsWe are very familiar with the technologies used in conventional power generation plants, including coal, nuclear, cogeneration and hydroelectric.
ElectrotechnicsOur technical translators are engineers with deep knowledge about electrotechnics and electromechanics, machinery, electric engines, industrial power systems and electronics.
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