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Business Translations
We work on a daily basis with all the business documentation types currently used in the corporate world, such as:
  • Financial reports: balance sheets, profits and losses statements, financial statements, auditing reports, due diligence reports, accounting reports, financial analysis, etc.
  • Management reports issued at the close of the accounting year or period
  • Human resources documentation: résumés, staff requirements analysis, hiring procedures, labor agreements, etc.
  • Business agreements of every kind: purchase-sale, service delivery, non-disclosure, insurance agreements, etc
  • Quality Assurance documentation: quality standards and procedures, quality audits, official forms, industry benchmarking reports, etc.
  • Documentation on environmental management matters such as waste management, emissions, environmental impact surveys, etc.
  • Documentation onprevention of occupational risks: risk prevention manuals, safety standards, technical guidelines, emergency management procedures, contingency plans, etc.
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