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Preparation of Tender Responses
Our customers have excellent technicians and specialists who know their products and services in depth and are perfectly able to respond to the requirements specified in the schedules of conditions of the bids and tender processes the company takes part in. However, systematizing the information and drafting the response documents require a different kind of expertise. PARÁMETRO provides the customer with a team of professional writers and documentalists with a strong technical flair, focused on turning the various information pieces generated by the customer's technicians into perfectly structured, written and formatted documents.
The services of our specialists include, among others, the following:
  • Detailed analysis of the schedules of specifications, to guarantee that all the questions they contain are answered.
  • Direct contact with each of the customer's technicians to collect from them the information requested in the schedule of conditions, either through existing documents or informally via interviews, phone conversations or e-mail.
  • Structuring the information compiled as required to meet the specifications of the schedule of conditions
  • Summarizing long documents supplied by the customer to include them as responses to specific topics
  • Creating new documents on the customer's products and services as required to complement the tender information
This type of support enables customers to focus the effort of their technicians and engineers into the tasks for which they are more effective, such as the analysis, calculation, design and specification of solutions, passing on to our professional technical writers the tasks of collecting, structuring, writing and formatting the documents. The productivity boost is obvious: by releasing your technicians and engineers, a precious and scarce resource, from the toil of writing and formatting documents, you will optimize their work time and set them free to get involved in more projects, or increase their degree of involvement in a specific project.
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