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Translation of Tender Documentation
Multinational companies involved in commercial tender or bidding processes (RFTs/RFPs) often need the help of foreign specialists to draft the responses to the schedules of conditions, and then back-translate into the customer language the responses prepared by these specialists. This translation and back-translation phase adds further pressure to an already challenging process, due to the short time span available to prepare the tender replies, as it reduces the effective time available to the foreign technicians to draft their responses. In these cases, the speed of the translation service may represent the difference between meeting or missing the deadlines, and thus determine the success or failure or the whole project.
For many years, PARÁMETRO has been helping leading companies in many industries to deliver their replies to massive bidding and tender processes within extremely tight time frames while ensuring the highest quality standards. Our organization is streamlined to minimize response lead times in every single stage of the process and guarantee an unmatched level of quality.
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