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Overview Tasks

PARÁMETRO can provide a flexible team of specialists for each of the tasks required for the success of a tender process:
  • Distribution of questions and specifications to the technicians in charge of preparing responses
  • Following-up of responders and control of the deadlines set to prepare their responses
  • Coordination and compilation of the responses received
  • Writing formal responses out of the information pieces provided by the customer's specialists
  • Translation of questions requiring the participation of foreign specialists
  • Back-translation and reorganization of responses
  • Reception, forwarding and distribution of enquiries and clarifications as well as their responses from the customer
  • Writing executive summaries once all the necessary information has been collected
  • Distribution of relevant information to all the parties involved in the project
  • Controlling the quality of the responses and their compliance with the tender specifications
  • Creation of graphics and supporting material
  • Preparing and typesetting response documents with the format specified by the customer
  • Printing the documents and delivering them to the end customer within the stipulated deadlines
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