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Our customers often work under extreme deadline constraints. For instance, the time available to prepare the response to a tender process in big projects is usually very short. If the help of foreign specialists is needed to write the response document, the company will first need to translate the tender documentation into their language, and then back-translate their responses to the source language of the customer, with very few days to complete the whole process. A delay in any of the phases of the process may imply, in the best case, a poor and haphazard response, and, in the worst, losing the business opportunity due to missing the response deadlines, with catastrophic consequences for the company.
We Excel in Rush, Big ProjectsOur organization is optimized to process large volumes of documentation under extremely tight time constraints and with guaranteed technical accuracy and style quality. With this approach, we have successfully accomplished, in few days, many massive documentation projects that have enabled our customers to deliver and win multi-million tenders. We are proud to have contributed with our work to the growth and success of many leading companies.
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